How To Get Budget Estimates To Build A Retirement

Methods To Obtain The Price Of Constructing A Development In Thailand For Your Retirement

Posted on: October 10, 2010

This article is not merely re-writing other ideas already to be had somewhere else on the Web. On the contrary, it is brand new and original data based on the recent experiences of somebody actually trying to get their hands on estimates to construct a retirement home in Thailand.

Prerequisites To Getting A Construction Quotation To Construct A Retirement Dwelling In Thailand

Following is an account of two separate methods of pricing a building project in Thailand.

1. Via Unit Rates To Assess The Cost Of Building A Property.

The quickest and easiest, but not the most precise, way to ascertain the rough cost of building your retirement home in Thailand is through the use of Unit Rates. Yet, Unit Rates are inexact since the Unit Rate (Baht/m2 ) is merely budget and constructing costs change depending upon the position in Thailand. Moreover there are loads of additional factors that change the real cost of constructing a property, that are not allowed for in blanket Unit Rates. Even construction companies in the same position might quote vastly alternative costs for building a house, depending upon whether they actually want to win the job or not.

Locating unit rates for property in Thailand is not straightforward – the writer has not come across published ‘official’ unit rates, but a quantity have been posted on a variety of Thai Forums. They are appropriate to use as a guide only.

Unit Rates only just forwarded to the writer by one of Thailand foremost design-and-build companies located in Bagkok are in the range of 15-20 thousand Baht/sq metre.

You might like to translate the stated 15 to 20 thousand Baht/m2 to a rate founded on the currency of your own country and put side by side it to unit rates for the position where you live. For instance I now live in the UK where the tender is the £ (Great British Pounds). The reported rate equals £300 to £400 /meter squared while the standard rate for the area and quality of property we want to build in Thailand is approaching a thousand pounds /square metre. That is to say that constructing in Thailand is thirty to fourty percent of the price for building in the United Kingdom.

An extremely valuable and enlightening spreadsheet called the “Build Cost Guide” is accessible for free download from the Home Building & Renovation website. It provides a spreadsheet of unit rates for building property in England and ia valid for all areas of the kingdom. The unit rates are grouped by classification of construction, quantity of floors and floor area.

The way of application of the unit rates is simple. You determine the total floor area of the planned structure taking account of all floors and multiply by the unit rate.

There is no need to get hold of or engage a construction company if you are utilizing the unit rates technique to estimate the cost of constructing your house.

There are intrinsic inaccuracies in this approach because the mix ofdiscrete types of usage will be different in different buildings. For instance, applying our own planned home in Pak Chong, Thailand as an illustration, the residence is a normal ‘post’ property and half of the ground floor is left ‘open’ to be made into suitable rooms when necessary and the other half simply has concrete block perimeter walls to for a storage area. Plainly the unit rate for these parts of the house will be different from those of the other floor that has the living accommodation.

One more example of dissimilar kind (and thus costs) of using a building taking my Pakchong residence as an illustration is that on the first floor there is a sizeable (compared to the rest of the residence) veranda section and there is in addition an alternative semi-open section and these would be a a lot cheaper than the living accommodation areas. Consequently what section is applied in the price estimate? are you to use the aggregate area as well as the lower floor open section and workshop and the first floor veranda and partially open section plus the accommodation zones? Or does one utilize the unit rate only for the living accommodation and apply a fraction of the rate/ m2 for the ground floor price zones?

The trouble is that I don’t know the basis for the rate/ square metre in the beginning. In other words whether it was for a building like mine with the open features adopted, or whether it was for a building with a higher %age of real living area.

Consequently the unit rate method is just going to give you a rough impression of price for properties and is not precise enough to output a budget taking into account the particular design of your house.

2. Getting hold of A Construction Company’s Quote In Thailand For Building A Property Using House Plans

This technique is dependent upon getting a builder to build up a quotation utilizing (usually) a pack of plans for the building in question. (The structure you would like to erect to retire to in Thailand)

If you wish for a really accurate price then the designs should be properly comprehensive and preferably supplemented with otherdocuments such as a Scope of Works and Schedules. The Schedules are commonly lists of finishes, types of windows, ironmongery et cetera.

There are three significant difficulties with this approach.

Finding The Drawings And Additional Information

I was able to create my own CAD designs and schedules for my intended retirement home in Thailand as I’m lucky in that I am able to Cad software and understand home design.

Whilst creating building drawings, either on your own or with the help of the expertise of another person or company, it is a good idea to see a few ready made Thai building plans to get hold of ideas and inspiration for your own home. You may get plenty of of free Thai home layouts in pdf and AutoCAD format from the Thai Government website at

If you are not attracted to this home grown approach you will have to locate a person to make the house designs for you. Should you try to find a Thai Architect to perform this for you then you will experience difficulties.

In the first place finding an Architect in Thailand is not effortless (except if you don’t mind to pay a fortune in which case there is a corporation in Bangkok who will design your house for you). Actually that’s the corporation I appointed to put together my house drawings and when you appreciate the high class and significant amount of the plans they produce aren’t high-priced at all by Western standards.

And for the next point, how do you clarify to a design company what you are looking for? This is especially difficult (impractical?) if you aren’t able to to meet in the same room as the architect and discuss ideas and concepts. Undertaking that by the Internet from another country is virtually unworkable.

Construction Contracts Need To Be In Thai

Having your schedules translated into Thai is simple, you can easily come across lots of English/Thai translators from the internet. But finding a person to translate the computer generated drawings into the Thai language is someting else. Because in addition to knowing English and Thai, in addition they have to a) have possession of the Autocad application or be able to access it and b) know how to use the Autocad software package.

There are not many people with these abilities. Nearly all are likely to be Architects.

A further approach to try is to have the translator to translate the the English language technical phrases and words on the plans onto a new text file. Following this approach they do not have to have access to the computerised drawing application.

Again, far simpler to do if you are living in Thailand together with the translator and builder.

We only got two estimates for our project from a total of 6 Thai construction companies we contacted. the majority said that they were too busy on other building projects to oblige us. It would seem that many builders are working on massive projects in thecostal resorts of Thailand (Like Hua Hin) and that our tiny build in Pakchong is not big enough for them. I hope you have better luck discovering a builder to put up your Thai house!

The way we utilised to locate construction companies consisted of knocking on doors “You own a nice house, can you tell me who the construction company was?” My wife finds it straightforward to chat up people and one day she was talking to the Security Guard at our accommodatiion and he promised her that he will be able to get hold of a cost estimate from at least a couple of construction companies. We accepted that proposition but didn’t see the bids. One was too busy and another demanded five thousand Baht advance prior to making a quote in case he wasn’t selected as our builder!

She then advised me that our valuable Security Guard would be asking for a ten% wedge of the construction cost from the construction companies as an introduction commission!

In this quick item on how to find quotation for a retirement residence in Thailand I have addressed the two most common methods to get a price and the pros and cons of each process. In addition I have clarified the three problems you will face when trying to unearth a builder in Thailand to give you a price to construct your retirement house.

Budget price of building a house in Thailandusing Thai house plans and Unit Rates. (Baht per m2). The Author is building a house in Packchong, Thailand where he intends to retire to. In this article he gives advice on how he obtained quotations to build his house using two different methods.

Budget price of building a house in Thailand using Thai house plans and Unit Rates.


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